Monday, August 22, 2016

Working With Dia&co!

I am so happy to be announcing my new career path. A couple weeks ago I started working for the plus size styling company Dia&co! I am a full time stylist that works completely from home. I get to work in my pajamas! This has been my dream job for such a long time! Styling plus size woman and making them feel amazing. 

This is my mini home office!
Since working there, The company gave me coupon code for any of my friends and family that would like to try Dia&co. The link is good for a non styling fee box. Meaning, we style you for free and you only pay for the items that you want to keep! This link is only good for first time customers so you have a great opportunity to try new fashion choices without commitment! Just send back what you don't want and look gorgeous in what you want to keep (seems like a good deal to me!) 

I am so excited to hear everyone's feedback!

If you want me to style you personally, this your chance!

Xo ~Joachris