Sunday, February 18, 2018

Style: Not Your Grandmas Jacket

Sequin jackets are an older woman's dream! They can be worn to church with a shift dress, worn to a wedding with a conservative dress, or worn with trousers and a fancy brooch. I'm sure every grandma had one of these jackets in their wardrobe and they were only taken out on special occasions. My great aunt was the queen of sequins and glitter! She would wear these kinds of pieces any day of the week without a care in the world. I learned from her how to wear these eye-catching pieces and rock them with pride.
Vintage pieces are always cool to make an outfit pop, they make you feel special with a tiny piece of history. My sequin jacket was found at a thrift store that I love in Brooklyn. I originally bought it to work at a fashion show during fashion week ( I was the best-dressed intern!)  after the show, I never really wore it. I took it out today for my birthday! I dressed it down with distressed jeans and my favorite creepers for a birthday look that was just me.
I had a fun and simple birthday with my mom and sister. We went to Sephora to pick up my birthday gift, went to have ramen at my favorite restaurant, and then had frozen yogurt. The weather was crazy warm for a day in February after it snowed the previous night. We were able to enjoy the whole day with great weather and food!

Jacket: Papell Boutique (I couldn't find a dupe anywhere!)
 Top: Target
Shoes: T.U.K
Statement pieces are a great way to jazz up a simple outfit. You can even try having statement shoes for the same effect. A pop of color with a dull outfit always makes things fun. I have an insane amount jackets that I love to pair with simple looks. Never wear a boring outfit when you have a statement jacket to tie everything together!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Wardrobe Staples: Midi skirts

I have so many midi skirts in my wardrobe! Most of them are different variations of black so they match perfectly with everything in my closet. I love pairing them with a comfy T-shirt and flats for a more casual look. I don't attend formal occasions, so pairing them with heels isn't a thing I personally do. I did attend a work event for Rebel Wilson's clothing line launch and I wore a polka dot midi skirt, with a striped top, and glittery heels. I felt like a modern day housewife but that's usually what I look like so I wasn't mad.

 Midi Skirt: Old Navy (It's sold out!)
Sweet Heart mesh Top: London Times (Purchased from Dia&Co)
Flats: Marc Fisher 

It's really easy for a midi skirt to look like your grandma's skirt. I tend to gravitate towards midi skirts that hit right under the knee that way most of my calves are showing. If I go too long, it will look frumpy on my 5'4 frame. My advice is to pick fun skirts that you can pair with off the shoulder tops like I did below to show a little skin and not feel too covered up.

In the summer, midi skirts are perfect to hide your bike shorts that prevent your chub rub. I love wearing lightweight midi skirts with sandals and a simple tank for a light and airy feel that will keep me cool. I don't like maxi skirts so midi skirts are a great alternative! 

Off The Shoulder Top: Forever 21
Midi Skirt: JCPenney (They sold out of the striped version but they have a solid black one)
Glitter boats: Eloquii 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Style: Overall Dress

I used to think that overalls, in general, were really weird looking. Maybe it's because my mom used to dress me in a red pair and they had stars all over them. A couple of my cousins had the same pair in blue and we hated it! Since trends always come back in style after years, I'm not surprised that this 90's classic made a comeback.
Overall pants and overall dresses are a great way to try different things in your closet and make a whole new look every time. Try a comfy sweater like I did below, with a t-shirt, or with a blouse to dress it up a bit! The material is denim, so it's casual enough to wear on a day out and not feel too dressed up. This a winter look, but in the summer I plan to wear it with lightweight t-shirts and my Vans sneakers. I wore a Gingham version from Forever21 to the Lana Del Rey Concert, they were so comfortable with an off the shoulder top and ankle booties. View the look on my Instagram. Get yourself an overall dress and rock it with your favorite tops!

Overall dress: Forver21 (It's sold out) Similiar
Crossbody Bag: Target
Peal Beret: Forever 21( It's sold out) Similiar 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Concert Review: Lana Del Rey

If I had to name a hobby, I would say going to concerts is definitely a hobby of mine. I love the energy of enjoying your favorite artist and being surrounded by other people who also love that artist. My first concert was the Jonas Brothers and I will never forget that day! It was a free concert in Central Park, my mom and I woke up at 5 in the morning to wait for them. It was the best day of my teenage life. As I grow older and don't know what saving money is, I keep going to shows with my cousin because I don't have friends that stick around too long or enjoy the same music as me!

The Lana Del Rey concert was everything that I wanted and needed in life. A cute boy sat in front of us, a had a jack and coke in my hand, and my lip gloss was popping! ( hey, Fenty beauty!) Her opening act was Kali Uchis. Let me tell you, listening to her music was an experience I didn't know I was looking for. Her sultry vocals and baby-making music were like drinking pina coladas in Hawaii with a cute boy who loves you and respects you. She reminded me of Selena Quintanilla and Cardi. B with her long hair and beautiful smile that was as bright as the stage lights. Some of her songs were in Spanish and non-Spanish speakers were shook!

During the intermission, everyone was smoking weed and I wasn't ready! I guess that's how they party in New Jersey! The Prudential Center wasn't my favorite to be completely honest. It felt packed and empty at the same time! I don't think I'll go back. Maybe if One Direction got back together and the only concert they were doing was at the Prudential Center. Well maybe.

When Lana came out I felt like my soul left my body. I was told there would be two opening acts, she came out right after Kali and it was my turn to be shook. She opened with 13 Beaches off her new album Lust For Life. I'm not totally familiar with her new album but I know most of her songs so I was good. Her stage and production team were truly a work of art. Every song had its own theme and they also played clips of the music videos. Her stage looked like a perfect beach vacation with striped beach chairs, sand, and palm trees. The dancers kept throwing merch into the crowd and I've never seen that before!
 Hearing my favorite songs live made me go home and binge all her albums. Her love for her fans was shown through every song she sang. Every time she spoke to the crowd it was like she was having a conversion with you. I know artist are trained to do this but it was different with her. After the show, she hopped off the stage and had a mini meet greet with the people who had floor seats. People gave her gifts while her band kept playing music and that was so cool!

You can head to my Instagram @JoachrisO for some Instastories on that night.