Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Killer Fashion: H.H Holmes

 For October, I wanted to have some fun and have a spooky month full of killers and a little fashion. Every week I will pick a killer and talk about their history and the fashion trends of their era. If you have any request let me know!

This week on the podcast I talk about America's first serial killer H.H Holmes! This mastermind was smart and unfortunately a little too charming. He killed around 28 people in his lifetime and built a castle on lies and scams. Listen to this week's podcast episode for his history and time travel!

                                                           (Image from www.uvm.edu)

                                                        (Image from usa.newonnetflix.info)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Curvy Con 2017 Edition

This weekend was CurvyCon and I have to say it was the most fun I've had in a while! If you don't know what CurvyCon is, it's a convention for plus size women to shop, drink cocktails, and shop some more. Like every other convention, they had panels of different topics such as body positivity, being a girl boss, and an amazing "Dear Retailer" panel that had CEO's of 5 different retailers (Target, Lane Bryant, Dia&Co, Modcloth and Macy's)  that carried plus size options.

On day one Dia&Co hosted the most fabulous fashion show EVER! I was so happy to see the new collections that I didn't mind that I was standing all the way in the back. The brands that were featured are spectacular brands that are gonna change the plus size fashion world for seasons to come. The Molly&Isadora collection spoke to my inner Parisian girl that wanted to wear stripes, knee high socks, and oxfords shoes on a rainy fall day. But my favorite collection had to be the Girl With Curves collection that Tanesha Awasthi collaborated with Dia&Co!

Picture via Getty images 

                                                  Video via the Girl With Curves YouTube page

Here's the live stream of the whole fashion show!

On day two there were many panels that I enjoyed and will be talking about on the podcast this week so stay tuned! My fave panel, of course, was the Girl Boss panel with Nicollette Mason, Gabi Gregg, Cece Olisa, and Chastity Garner Valentine. These babes are forever my favorite bloggers and I got to listen to them speak on how to start a business and believe you can do whatever your heart desires with time and patience.

 My OOTD's for both days were everything and I feel like they showed who I was. Unfortunately, I'm way too shy and didn't really interact with many bloggers. All my faves were in the same room and I couldn't handle it!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Style: Pink Leather Jacket

I love my pink leather jacket, it adds the perfect touch to any outfit! I paired it with another Deandri dress that I love, and spiked slip on sneakers.
 This Roselle dress actually fits me small. It cuts into my arm fat a little. I still kept it because I wear a leather jacket 99% of the time, and it wouldn't really bother me. I would Recommend sizing up in this dress if bat wings is a concern!

  This jacket is perfect to break up an outfit. Since I usually wear all black, this is a great way to add a little color without going all crazy! They're usually super hard to find in plus size and thank the Forever21 gods that they had one! I Swear Forever21 has everything a trendsetter needs.
  My slip on's are from Hot Topic. They're super old and broke after I made this blog post! They were awesome and a legendary pair in my wardrobe.
 (Dress: Deandri)
(Jacket: Forever21)
(Shoes: Similiar)
(Necklace: Similiar )

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Style: All black everything.

  I recently I got this dress from Deandri. It's the softest, most comfortable dress ever! It's made out of cotton and it's the perfect basic in any closet! Pair it with your favorite accessories and shoes! Of course, I could've paired my dress with cute shoes, but I love my beat up, Dr. Martens. They're comfortable and go with all my outfits! 
  Pair this dress with without stockings, booties, and a statement necklace!
It has the perfect Wednesday Adams vibe that we all love!
I liked this dress because it doesn't have the white collar. Do you wash it with whites? Do you wash it with darks? The guessing game is over!

(Dress: Deandri)
(Shoes: Dr. Marten)
(Moto Jacket: Forever 21)
(Similiar bag: Forever 21

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Style: I love Alternative fashion!

I grew up being that emo kid with red acid wash jeans and a band t-shirt. I've dyed my hair every color under the rainbow. My style changes every so often, but I always end up with a grungy style! Before I started college I had pink hair. I have to admit it wasn't a pretty pink. It was a Ronald McDonald red/pink. When I started college I convinced myself that I needed to be an adult. So I dyed my hair black and did a total change. That's where this look came into play! 

I wore dresses for a whole year! I didn't wear pants for a year! How crazy is that? Like I said, I will probably always gravitate towards alternative fashion with a girly twist. I feel like that's my style. An adult emo that loves glitter!  

 (Top: Target Ava&Viv ) 
* I got the 3X so I can wear it as a dress*
(Similiar Moto Jacket: Forever 21)
(Similiar Necklace: Etsy)

The Main focus of the post was supposed to be the boots! They're called the Demonia Assault boot!  They're so comfortable and I love how I can style them with leggings and a long shirt or I can style them with a dress! They're pretty easy to walk in and they're an affordable version of the UNIF Choke boot! I got these boots from Hot Topic ( I know the emo safe haven!) They were 98$ and totally worth it! I don't know many alternative, LatinX, plus size ladies. Why not be the start?