Monday, July 18, 2016

Plus Size News: Plus size Leading ladies

Ghostbusters premiered last week and I am so excited to see it! Not only is it a reboot of a classic movie, but the main cast is all women! To add frosting to a spectacular cake, two of the leading ladies are plus sized and owning it.

Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones are killing it! Along side them is funny gal Kristen Wiig and the hottie that stole my heart, Kate McKinnon. I'm a fan of Melissa, and the way they styled her in this movie is so cute. The dress shirts and cute cardigans is doing it for me. She looks quirky and adorable. They dressed Leslie like your aunty Patty that works long hours for the MTA, but that's what they were going for right?

Rest assured that Leslie has great style off camera. Her stylist dresses her so well that I don't get why designers won't dress her! She would look marvelous  in gowns because of her height (6′ 0″) and she's stunning.

The representation in this movie is off the charts and I can't wait to see it.

Now Cris Hemsworth. I loved what I've seen in the trailer, so far Chris is an air head. Usually that role is filled by a woman. This time it's a buff, blonde, male bimbo. Male bimbos and female heroines should be the new norm. Gives us girls an opportunity to shine, not only because of out glitter covered tits.

All in all this reboot looks great and I'm excited to sit down and see it.

Xoxo Joachris

I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, but I had a twinkie today and it had the Ghostbusters logo on it. I laughed and remembered that the movie had two plus sized girls in it.   

Friday, July 15, 2016

MakeUp: L'oreal Voluminous


I received a couple makeup pieces to review from I love trying new things and makeup is no exception! In fact it's my favorite thing to try. The box of goodies was filled with an eyeliner, two eyeshadows, a lash primer , a mascara and a brow kit. Six products just for me! I felt loved and spoiled.

 I tried all the products, and I loved the brow kit the most of them. It came with mini tweezers and a mini brush for easy traveling. I do my makeup on the train so that was super helpful. I loved how the pomade was light enough to fill in my brows but heavy enough to lay down my brows and keep them in place all day. The duo has a gel and powder.

My next favorite item had to be the eyeshadow in the shade Pain Au Choclat. In the pan it looks like a shimmery lavender, but when applied it turns into a beautiful duo chrome gold/white/lavender. I love putting this in my inner corner with simple long lashes and eyeliner in the water line. I didn't enjoy the second shadow. Mine came broken and formula was very unflattering against my skin tone. 

The eyeliner was such a success that I plan on trying out the other colors in the line. It stayed in place all day and didn't smear all over my under eyes like eyeliner usually does. I put this in my waterline and that's where it stayed all day! 
The color is so rich and creamy that it went on smooth. After a day in the heat and working, the liner was still dark as if I had just re-applied. I'm a huge fan and everyone should try it!

The mascara was the show stopper. I used the primer first to add fibers and extend my lashes, I let it dry and then I did a couple layers of the mascara. At first your lashes will look amazing and full. Throughout  the day they droop a little. Not a deal breaker, but since I wear glasses I kept thinking that my glasses were dirty. It was just my droopy lashes!

Overall the box was amazing. All the products were good and usable. I recommend these products to anyone that wants to try them. You won't be disappointed!  

Xoxo - Joachris 

(I did receive these products for free, for reviewing purposes. All opinions were my own and I am not getting paid for this post) 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Style: Shorts for summer, how original

Ahh it's summer! Time to pull out the shorts and the birkenstocks!

I love this look! I took inspiration from the blogger Nicolette Mason I feel like this a look that she would wear! A simple white t-shirt, cute shorts and a duster jacket.  I styled this look with rose gold Birkenstock and rose tinted jewelry to compliment the shoes and the bag. I went neutral with the grey duster that way it was still cohesive with the look.

You can switch the the Birkenstocks with nude heels or even a cute pair of glittery sneakers.  Wear this look to brunch, shopping or casual Fridays at work. Even if shorts are not your thing, roll up a pair of jeans to make them ankle length and you'll still look cute!

Xoxo - Joachris