Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gorgeous Sequins for New Years!

Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to wear glitter and shimmer and all things shiny! I love this time of year because everything is pretty and glittery. All the clothing stores have glitter in all shape, sizes and colors. I'm loving the look of a sequin shirt and a full tutu. Add a cute pair of pumps and you're ready for New Years.
   The sequins of this dress glimmer green, gold and in some light navy blue. I styled it with black and gold accessories so that the dress can stand out on the dance floor.  You can definitely add gold shoes and a different jacket and it would still look fabulous.
    I know Monif C plus sizes has this gorgeous romper in black sequins for people who don't like too much color. ASOS has dress that's just a skirt and a simple black top. Add flashy, glam jewelry and strapy heels and you're ready to get kissed at midnight.
    I love sequins and glitter. It's my favorite color!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday shopping chic

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's holiday shopping has gone with ease, full of sales and coupons! With Christmas shopping comes the hassle of bags, jackets and over crowded stores. So why not look cute doing it?
    I've seen this outfit so many times on straight sized girls that I just added my plus size flare. I accessorized this look with rose gold jewelry to enhance the camel coat. With the turtle neck, add a long chained necklace instead of a shorter one to have an elongated neck/torso. Cute sneakers and a back pack will keep you hands free and mobile.
    If all white isn't your thing, swap it for all black and add a crazy colored jacket and it's just as cute. I actually have a baby blue jacket from old navy that I got ages ago. I love wearing is open with a chunky scarf and simple jeans. Maybe I'll make a blog post on it!

                                                 Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blouses Are a Girls Best Friend

I love wearing patterned shirts over simple trousers. It's something about it looking all grown up and sophisticated. The leather look pant adds such a great contrast to the soft blouse. I styled this oversized blouse so that you can tuck it in or leave it out.
  Since it's already the colder months, I suggest a  short boot. If you style this with a taller boot, a riding boot to be specific, you might look shortened or risk looking frumpy. No one wants that, trust me. I added silver jewelry to compliment the colors of the blouse. Same with the boots, maybe add a different colored bag. I think I over did the grey! I've been loving that over sized peacoat that has been floating around everyone lately, H&M had one but it's currently sold out. Swap the leather jacket for the over sized peacoat and you'll look expensive and fabulous!

Interning isn't all that bad

     I feel like internships have such a bad misconception. Yes it's free labor. Yes it's hard work and your broke at the end of the week, but when your exhausted at the end of night, you can soak your feet while you update your resume.      
    What I love most is that you can share with your friends all the cool stuff you saw that day.  You can share how a designer recognized your hard work, share how you saw a hot, semi naked model in full make up ask for lunch casually.  It's all an adventure that you can remember when you have a career, and a walk-in closet.
   long shoots/interning are hard to do when you have school, homework and a part time job. How else are you supposed to pay for your metro card, rent, and food? I know that's why everyone that wants to be in the fashion industry just wants to be handed a job. There's alot of hard work to do before you're even considered for a full time job. You have to make connections, go for coffee runs, pick up clothes from show rooms all while trying to hide how exhausted you really are.
       Now, on set you can in counter so many attitudes that you have to be on your toes. A nasty attitude from a make up artist, a hair dresser that thinks you're nothing but a intern, even an assistant that's higher then you bossing you around because you suggested something simple like an earring on a look. It's hard to be around people that know it all and you're new. In fashion there is always a person that thinks that they know more then you, and as an intern you just nod your head and understand that, that person might be under a lot of stress.
       I've personally learned from so many people. It's all about being open to learning and knowing that in the furture you'll have your own interns dotting around you and helping you be successful for your future. That's why I like to intern in all sorts of fields. My favorite is definitely being an intern for stylist. I think for my next job I want to look into public relations. Hey, you never know. It just might be my call after all.

Couture Fashion week 2015

On set for Monif C. Plus sizes in November 
My second time ever interning (what a long way I've come)