Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Punk Princess

     Fall/winter always brings out the punk princess out of me. I love the brooding cold and warm coffee. I'm a February baby so I live for the cold.
  With this look I styled the Dr. Martens "Jadon" with a mini skirt and some leggings. I love wearing mini skirts in fall because I could wear leggings and not have a care in the world. Add a super comfy sweater and a leather jacket, you'll look like a natural bad ass.
    I was also thinking of another outfit. Swicth the leather jacket for a bomber or a varsity jacket and you have a sporty vibe.
   I recently went thrifting and I found an amazing bomber. That's what inspired this look. Maybe I'll post a look with that jacket. I was even thinking switch the Jadon boots with the taller Dr. Martens and you'll even cuter and warmer of course!

Untitled #243

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The start of Fall 2015

Fall is all abut burgundy, mustard and emerald. Every fall, designers use these colors and you just know that fall is near. It's August, the air is still warm, but you walk into fashion retailers and all you see is burgundy!
     I love burgundy just as much as the next person, but lets give other colors a little love this fall. I chose this weeks post to be about the color mauve. Or according to Cashmere Rose. This color is stunning against rose gold accessories. Today I actually wore this shirt with a gray cardigan, dark wash jeans, and white keds. It's a lot less glam then today's blog post but I only have work today.
     H&M has this gorgeous leather jacket that I kinda want it. The skirt of course can be changed to ripped black denim, for an effortless look or a  black midi pencil skirt. As for shoes, that is up to you. I went with these flats because they're the cutest things I've ever seen and I want them in all different colors.

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