Sunday, June 22, 2014

This stripped Goddess

Stripes are like the mythical creature plus size goddesses are told they should stay away from. They're millions of rules regarding what plus size girls should and shouldn't wear. The craziest rule is stripes. Nothing beats a beautiful stripped dress and a pair of pretty sandals in the summer or a pretty stripped dress, leggings, and booties in the winter. Stripes are so versatile and timeless. I'm sure if you find a flattering dress that falls nicely on your body stripes can be your best friend. Don't give up if you've had a bad experience give it another go and find that one staple piece that can transition from season to season.
If you feel good in stripes their isn't a soul that can tell you not too wear stripes.

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(what a cute picture, sorry)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Growing baby blog

A lot has been happening lately. A little fast if you ask me. First my internship with which goes hand in hand with me actually enjoying New York and doing things around the city on the weekends. Going to these events and having to interview people at them. 
Then finding out that my little blog, small and precious hit 1,000 views! I know its not a big thing. But I sometimes forget that people are actually reading. Granted most the views are from my family. I'll take it. At least I know someone is listening to me.  

Then last weekend I attended the Shop&Swap event. I met amazing people. Talked with people that I thought I would never have a chance to speak with. This was absolutely the best way to start my summer. I met Margie from She was such a doll! I loved her amazing dance moves and the way she truly enjoyed herself. Such a positive ray of sunshine. Yup that's exactly what I'll call her. A ray of sunshine. 

Now lets all take a deep breath. I met Nicolette Mason!!! My hero herself was there in all her beautiful glory.  I didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't know whether I wanted sit and stare at her (which I kinda did) or sit in her lap and tell her what an inspiration she is to me. I didn't want to scare her away so I just stared at her from afar pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I got to interview her for my internship and it was the greatest feeling in the world. I also hugged her as soon as I saw her, but don't worry I asked before I latched on to her. 

Now for the grand finally! I was featured on the website or actually we were featured. My baby blog and I. So much to learn and see still and this is still the beginning. Head on over there to read the interview I did. 

Keep up with on my social media! I'd love to hear from everyone once in a while. I have a tumblr page so if anybody is shy or what not just annon me. It's okay! tweet me even. I don't mind! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Statement Jewelry

 Statement necklaces are now my new "thing". I just love how they look with any of my dresses. They add a certain touch to the whole outfit. When I first started identifying my own style I always went with crazy necklaces from Hot Topic. They all varied from weird sayings like "free hugs" in rainbow rhinestones, to a heart shaped cookie with it saying "Bite me" That was quite the odd place for me fashion wise. I grew out of that craziness and swapped it for more feminine and dainty jewelry. This necklace is more of a new one to my collection.  It's a light pink with different sized faux diamonds and stones.
     Statement jewelry in general help a boring outfit pop a bit. I love the look of a Little Black Dress with a chunky colorful necklace. It's stunning. Even if its styled with boyfriend jeans and a white v-neck such a pretty look.   My favorite place to get these necklaces is Forever 21. I've heard ebay has lots of inexpensive ones to, but the shipping is horrid. I don't have  patience for shipping so Forever 21 it is.


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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Something new, Something old

I bought this dress years ago. Back when I thought I was ugly. Back when sleeveless or skinny straps scared me. I discovered this dress again when I organized my closet.  I was determined to wear it, I purposely waited till the weather was absolutely scorching so I can wear it and feel free. My shoulders are broad and my arms fat. I’ve learned that it’s not a big deal anymore. They’re my arms and my shoulders. I can’t help that they’re like this.They’re my squishy arms that are great for cuddling and my broad shoulders that bump mean people away from me. Yes I call my shoulders "linebacker" shoulders but that's how I learned to love them. I nicknamed them something scary to show the world who's boss.

I love this dress now. the navy blue compliments the teal florals. I wore a teal statement necklace, that now that I think  about is a little too loud for the dress. Maybe sticking with a smaller, simpler necklace will balance it out better. I styled the dress with gold sandals to compliment the gold in the necklace. Of course I also styled it with off grey wedges. My wedges are by Kate Preston but I can't find the same exact same ones so these Wedges will have to do. And my sandals by Marilla Of Italy but again I couldn't find a link for them but I found similar Sandals