Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Body positivity

A couple days ago I was talking to my cousin, and she gave me the idea to write a post on body positivity. She's a fellow beautiful, plus size girl, and she knows the hardships of having some doubt in the back of your mind when it comes to your body. I know It's hard to love yourself on those days where clothes don't fit right and you end up in a frumpy outfit, which in the end just makes you feel  even worst about yourself. Imagine feeling that everyday. Some people do, and it sucks. I'm not here to force you and tell you "just love yourself,  it's easy!" Because it's not easy.
        It all started for me when I reminded myself that I didn't need to impress anyone.Not your parents (even though it's very hard), not that one judgmental relative you see once a year, not even the relatives you see every week and especially that one useless boy or girl in high school and middle school(that may haunt you for years because that person called you fat that one time) . His or her opinion of you is meaningless. You need good vibes in your life not harmful vibes.
      If you call yourself beautiful everyday trust me you will start believing yourself. Tell yourself a little compliments every time you look at yourself in the mirror. It really helps. I really didn't want this post to be a "tips and tricks to loving yourself!" or "10 easy steps to loving who you are". I wanted to be honest and share my thought process of my body positivity journey.
it really was a journey that didn't happen over night. It has taken me about 3 years to 99.99% love who I am and who I've become. Yes that 1% includes these pesky dark marks from past acne, it also includes my unfiltered mouth to sex jokes and telling the harsh truth when you ask me an opinion I feel strongly about (don't debate me, it will end ugly) . That 1% even includes my wide shoulders that won't let me buy a simple leather jacket because it's always to tight.  Those parts i'm still working on and it'll probably take me even more time to get over.

Moral of all that blabbering, is to slowly learn to love your body. Big or small. Thigh gap or no thigh gap. You're beautiful and awesome and theirs no need to have any bad thoughts in your beautiful mind.
     If you read all that, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bore you with all that.
If you want to share your body positivity journey with me definitely feel free to tell me on any of my social media platforms privately you totally can!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Little Navy Dress

A little navy dress can be an alternative to the simple little black dress. It can transition well from work attire, to after work cocktails. With a little makeup change you're ready to hang out with your friends or go on a cute date.
I've been searching for a dress like this one for ages. I finally found this dress one day at target. My favorite part of this dress has to be the lace overly or the way it cinches at the waist a bit. It's light enough that it can be worn now in the summer months, and defiantly can be worn in the winter months with leggings.
I styled this dress with white flats and another tan colored chunky heel. A simple black wedge would look cute to. Did I mention it has pockets? It does and I love them!

                                     (But similar dress Here: Dress )

                                   (I think my eyes were closed in this one)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pleated midi Skirts

Pleated midi skirts have been all the rage lately.The neutral colored midi skirt happen to be my favorite. Pleated skirts are a classic. It goes very well for any occasion, a good midi skirt can be such a staple piece in your wardrobe. If skirts and frilly dresses are your favorite things to wear, a pleated midi skirt will look fabulous in your wardrobe It goes with everything, can be styled casually as well as formal and can be definitely transitioned  from season to season.

  ModCloth has amazingly pretty midi skirts. A lot of them are circle midi skirts which make them even cuter. I styled my skirt with a simple floral shirt and my usual gold sandals. You can make it more formal with a tighter fitting blouse and it can be worn to the office or to a fancy dinner.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Savvy Shopper

This dress. This dress that will take me from one fancy event to another (at least in my head it will) I found this gem at Walmart! No one ever believes me when I tell them that I buy clothes from Walmart. I see nothing wrong with that! You can sometimes find dresses that fit and look great. I loved this dress so much I actually bought one in white. I love them both. The material is a bit thick so maybe wearing it now in the summer isn't all that good of an idea.
   I even feel like it has a modcloth look to it.
   I wear dresses/skirts 90% of the time, and this dress has become one of my top favorites. I paired it with my gold and black kitty flats. Maybe with a cute wedge  now in the summer and booties in the fall it will look amazing! 
As per usual I wore a statement necklace, I photographed my self with and without the necklace just to see how it would look.

I couldn't find the exact Walmart dress but I did find a close second
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

This stripped Goddess

Stripes are like the mythical creature plus size goddesses are told they should stay away from. They're millions of rules regarding what plus size girls should and shouldn't wear. The craziest rule is stripes. Nothing beats a beautiful stripped dress and a pair of pretty sandals in the summer or a pretty stripped dress, leggings, and booties in the winter. Stripes are so versatile and timeless. I'm sure if you find a flattering dress that falls nicely on your body stripes can be your best friend. Don't give up if you've had a bad experience give it another go and find that one staple piece that can transition from season to season.
If you feel good in stripes their isn't a soul that can tell you not too wear stripes.

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(what a cute picture, sorry)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Growing baby blog

A lot has been happening lately. A little fast if you ask me. First my internship with
CollegeFashionista.com which goes hand in hand with me actually enjoying New York and doing things around the city on the weekends. Going to these events and having to interview people at them. 
Then finding out that my little blog, small and precious hit 1,000 views! I know its not a big thing. But I sometimes forget that people are actually reading. Granted most the views are from my family. I'll take it. At least I know someone is listening to me.  

Then last weekend I attended the Shop&Swap event. I met amazing people. Talked with people that I thought I would never have a chance to speak with. This was absolutely the best way to start my summer. I met Margie from www.margieplus.com She was such a doll! I loved her amazing dance moves and the way she truly enjoyed herself. Such a positive ray of sunshine. Yup that's exactly what I'll call her. A ray of sunshine. 

Now lets all take a deep breath. I met Nicolette Mason!!! My hero herself was there in all her beautiful glory.  I didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't know whether I wanted sit and stare at her (which I kinda did) or sit in her lap and tell her what an inspiration she is to me. I didn't want to scare her away so I just stared at her from afar pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I got to interview her for my internship and it was the greatest feeling in the world. I also hugged her as soon as I saw her, but don't worry I asked before I latched on to her. 

Now for the grand finally! I was featured on the website thechroniclesofafatshionista.com or actually we were featured. My baby blog and I. So much to learn and see still and this is still the beginning. Head on over there to read the interview I did. 

Keep up with on my social media! I'd love to hear from everyone once in a while. I have a tumblr page so if anybody is shy or what not just annon me. It's okay! tweet me even. I don't mind! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Statement Jewelry

 Statement necklaces are now my new "thing". I just love how they look with any of my dresses. They add a certain touch to the whole outfit. When I first started identifying my own style I always went with crazy necklaces from Hot Topic. They all varied from weird sayings like "free hugs" in rainbow rhinestones, to a heart shaped cookie with it saying "Bite me" That was quite the odd place for me fashion wise. I grew out of that craziness and swapped it for more feminine and dainty jewelry. This necklace is more of a new one to my collection.  It's a light pink with different sized faux diamonds and stones.
     Statement jewelry in general help a boring outfit pop a bit. I love the look of a Little Black Dress with a chunky colorful necklace. It's stunning. Even if its styled with boyfriend jeans and a white v-neck such a pretty look.   My favorite place to get these necklaces is Forever 21. I've heard ebay has lots of inexpensive ones to, but the shipping is horrid. I don't have  patience for shipping so Forever 21 it is.


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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Something new, Something old

I bought this dress years ago. Back when I thought I was ugly. Back when sleeveless or skinny straps scared me. I discovered this dress again when I organized my closet.  I was determined to wear it, I purposely waited till the weather was absolutely scorching so I can wear it and feel free. My shoulders are broad and my arms fat. I’ve learned that it’s not a big deal anymore. They’re my arms and my shoulders. I can’t help that they’re like this.They’re my squishy arms that are great for cuddling and my broad shoulders that bump mean people away from me. Yes I call my shoulders "linebacker" shoulders but that's how I learned to love them. I nicknamed them something scary to show the world who's boss.

I love this dress now. the navy blue compliments the teal florals. I wore a teal statement necklace, that now that I think  about is a little too loud for the dress. Maybe sticking with a smaller, simpler necklace will balance it out better. I styled the dress with gold sandals to compliment the gold in the necklace. Of course I also styled it with off grey wedges. My wedges are by Kate Preston but I can't find the same exact same ones so these Wedges will have to do. And my sandals by Marilla Of Italy but again I couldn't find a link for them but I found similar Sandals

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Florals in the spring.

I'm pretty sure by now everyone knows I love florals. Any shape and color I love it. I recently brought this skirt at forever 21 and  I love it! I styled it with a black crop and gold sandals. I cant wait to style it with leggings and a chunky knit burgundy sweater next Fall. Summer hasn't even started in New York and I'm already thinking about Fall. Moral of the story is, this skirt is so easy to style in all season. Its such a great buy. And at such a steal only $12.80 at forever 21.
      If crop tops aren't your thing swap it for a lace shirt and it will still have that feminine feel.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

New York Aids walk 2014

Today Sunday,May 18th 2014 I participated in the Aids walk. The morning was chilli and I was the only fool in shorts and a fringe shirt. Once we started walking it warmed up and everything was fine. It was such a pretty day in central park all the pretty flowers were in full bloom and the allergies were running chaos. It sounded like a chorus of sneezes at one point. When the real walking began we all looked like zombies bunched together trying to keep moving and not bump into one another.
It was all fun and games until my feet started hurting, then I got hungry, and lets not forget when I had to use the rest room. I felt like an absolute toddler. All I needed was to start whining. Which I did on the inside, for fear that I would be judge as the  unfit one of the group. When the first check point approached it was a good feeling to know that I had just walked 1 mile, which actually felt like 5. When I was done I didn't feel tired anymore I was pumping with adrenaline and wanted to just fly away like a kite. That was all short lived until I got on the train on my way home and sat down. Big mistake. My legs felt like jelly and my feet felt like cinder blocks. It felt like that was the  longest train ride of my life. Living in New York that's a statement said often. It was all a good experience and for a very good casue.

If you live san Francisco or los Angeles they'll be an aids walk in your area pretty soon check out the site linked below for more info.
Click for more information on the upcoming aids walks.

Thank you instagram filter.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

New to the Crop tops Trend

I brought my first crop top. I was scared of what I would look like. I didn't want to draw attention to myself by walking around with just a little tummy out. Honestly I don't know what I was worried about! I've come such a long away with my body positivity journey that I refused to go 10 steps backwards instead of one step ahead. Of course I'm still getting used to it and I personally don't like the crop top with any of my shorts, but with a skirt I felt pretty and dare I say even a little naughty! I started out with a simple black one but I'm eyeing some of my old t-shirts to cut up and make into crop tops.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Always look in the back of your Closet.

This week I  discovered an outfit combo that I really liked. I was trying to figure out another way to avoid constantly wearing a cardigan. So I threw on a denim shirt and was pleasantly surprised at how it came together. This look can work with any shirt, I styled  it to be more casual. You can tuck in a chiffon shirt and leather jacket and its a totally different look.  I wore my sequin Vans with the first look, white Converses would also look nice . Personally I think any shoe would look cute with this look. It depends on weather you want casual, dressed up, or work appropriate.

                                              (Shop similar shirt here: Shirt )
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stay cool this Summer

      Soft cotton dresses are the best to beat the heat. It flows in the wind and doesn't get stuck to you. Granted the wind will blow up your skirt and its a Marilyn Monroe moment, but that's what shorts are for. This dress was a high low so I didn't have to worry all that much of anything showing.
        I styled this dress with black shoes but of course you pick any other shoe of your liking. This would look super cute with a nude wedge or a black wedge even.
    Now back to the shorts topic. I'm pretty sure everybody knows whats "chub rub". It's when your thighs rub together when you walk. It burns and its over all uncomfortable. To avoid that unnecessary pain wear shorts that are longer and tight. Spanxs  might even help to.  I've learned my lesson many times. I can spark a fire in summer if I try hard enough.

                                                           (Buy similar Dress here: Dress ) 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Maxi skirt obsessed

It's always appropriate to look and feel like a Grecian goddess. I'm not sure what it is about Maxi skirt that make me want to have hot boys lift me above their heads and carry me around. Add gold strappy sandals and i'm a goner.This time I styled the skirt with a fringe shirt and flower crown. If you're not into fringe swap it for a crop top. It does have a Coachella vibe, but Coachella is to far from New York so it'll do.
      My favorite Maxi is the chiffon kind. The way it flows and moves in the summer breeze feels and looks great. I have a white one but if white isn't your color style it your liking and look fabulous.

                                           (Shop skirt here:Skirt)

(shop Skirt here: Skirt)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jessica Simpson "Dany"

This week I ordered a pair of shoes that I've been absolutely lusting after. For months on end I'll look at them and contemplate the purchase. I finally bit the bullet and went for it. I brought them and fell in love. The shoe was on many websites and I didn't know which website to trust, so I went with zappos. On the site the shoe is called Black Winter Haze. They have 6 other options. In past collections Jessica Simpson has done this shoe in many colors and patterns, even a pair in sequins and velvet. This shoe is so versatile you can really wear them casual or dressed up.

I styled the shoes with a creme colored dress with a black pattern to not make the shoe so out of place.    


 This dress is white with a lace overlay that brings out the shoes more. I think the lace looks really good with the leather of the shoe. Leather and Lace.


                                         Thanks for reading!                                          

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black in the Spring time.

Not everyone is in to bright colors for spring, or for any season for that matter. Theirs no need to feel left out. A pretty floral in you color choosing would look stunning. The shade black is universally flattering for anytime of the year.The dress bellow is a lovely daisy patterned dress still giving the "Spring" feel.


                                          (I have to admit this dress isn't arm fat friendly)
I paired this awesome dress with both white flats and black wedges, to appeal to anyone's taste.

This dress is so feminine and pretty that I can't wait to wear it when it gets warmer. It's also very forgiving with the arm fat. The shoes that I chose were a taupe almost grey color, great neutral.
Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring time in Winter weather.

Spring is upon us, yet the Winter is still being selfish. I figured pairing a pretty tulle skirt with a sweater, may still keep you warm but it will have a Spring feel to it. Of course tights or leggings are totally optional. I styled it all together with flats, but Oxford flats or Chelsea Boots can look cute to.

The sweater tucked in or out is up to you. Either way it will still be a fabulous outfit. 

Thanks for reading!