Saturday, November 12, 2016

Style: The Ultimate Sin. Pencil skirts.

Pencil skirts sometimes scare me. They're too long and I look stumpy. They're too tight and I feel like I'm dying. Find the right pencil skirt and you can rule the world! I understand the fear of having your belly outline showing.

Everyone has seen this meme, and honestly who cares! A belly outline is no big deal and whoever makes a big deal about it is an asshole. It's how my body is shaped. It's how my body looks! Yes, shapewear is an option, but it's just too annoying to deal with and it hurts. I would rather leave it hanging and have a grand old time than have it all squished and I can't eat! (and you know how I like to eat!) Wear that pencil skirt and be a Queen! 
   I styled this plaid skirt with a black blouse, but you can swap it for a white blouse and a blazer for a work look. You can also swap the dramatic glitter boots with cute  Mary janes and add leggings!

Get the boots soon! Sizes are limited! 


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