Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Style: I love Alternative fashion!

I grew up being that emo kid with red acid wash jeans and a band t-shirt. I've dyed my hair every color under the rainbow. My style changes every so often, but I always end up with a grungy style! Before I started college I had pink hair. I have to admit it wasn't a pretty pink. It was a Ronald McDonald red/pink. When I started college I convinced myself that I needed to be an adult. So I dyed my hair black and did a total change. That's where this look came into play! 

I wore dresses for a whole year! I didn't wear pants for a year! How crazy is that? Like I said, I will probably always gravitate towards alternative fashion with a girly twist. I feel like that's my style. An adult emo that loves glitter!  

 (Top: Target Ava&Viv ) 
* I got the 3X so I can wear it as a dress*
(Similiar Moto Jacket: Forever 21)
(Similiar Necklace: Etsy)

The Main focus of the post was supposed to be the boots! They're called the Demonia Assault boot!  They're so comfortable and I love how I can style them with leggings and a long shirt or I can style them with a dress! They're pretty easy to walk in and they're an affordable version of the UNIF Choke boot! I got these boots from Hot Topic ( I know the emo safe haven!) They were 98$ and totally worth it! I don't know many alternative, LatinX, plus size ladies. Why not be the start? 


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