Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY: Marble perfume tray

DIYing is so much fun! You can customize whatever you want, however you want! I first purchased this marble tray from Target, it was 36$ in store and I wanted to cry. It was expensive, but I needed it apparently. I bought it and I love it so no complaints!

Right after Target I walked to Marshalls and bought half the home decor in there. As I was leaving, I saw the Marble slab hidden under all this junk! It was originally supposed to be a cutting board! I thought I was going to drop 30$ on another marble piece, but to my surprise, it was only 12.99$! It was heavy, huge, and beautiful! (I found one similar online) 

I wanted it to match the rest of my decor, so I taped off the center and left the edges exposed.
 I spray painted it in a well-ventilated area and got to work! 

( I use this brand of spray paint in all my projects! It sticks and dries fast! )

I actually royally messed up and somehow painted some of the middle. While it was still a little wet, I put nail polish remover on a cotton round and it came right out!

 This was the end product and I love it! It goes well with the room and it was easy to customize!

If you have any DIY suggestions let me know!



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