Saturday, September 24, 2016

Interior Design: Room Make Over

As everyone knows, I can't make up my mind in what I want my future to look like! My career choices have always changed.  This time, I want to get into interior design! Well, interior decorating. I want to buy throw pillows, couches, and lamp shades! I want to make someone's home their favorite place.

My first project was my own room. I have a basement apartment and it looked like a dungeon! It was dark, dusty, and a serial killer would love my old room! It took me a long time to realize that I could do whatever I wanted. So I stripped the wood paneling, put up sheetrock walls, and decorated however I wanted to.
I like to call my room Tacky Chic!

I put a sheetrock wall on the main wall you see when you walk in the room. In the rest of the room, I have exposed brick. It's a hipster's dream! I don't have a set "theme" in my room, I just have reoccurring colors. Grey, gold, and pops of blue. 
(Lamp from Target)

My bed frame is dark grey and gold. So I refurbished my old dresser and made it like new! My mom helped me with this project and I am so proud of us! I also did my nightstand to match.

(Yes I use my Jeffrey Cambell shoes as book ends!)

 (Marble tray from Target)

 ( This tray is actually a cutting board that I got from Marshalls! I spray painted the edges to match everything!)

(This Flush mount was bought from

I decorated my bedroom and my office on a budget. I purchased pieces from thrift stores, my local shops, a lot of DIYing, and clearance sections (those are my favorite!) I feel like I officially finished my room! These pictres aren't the best, but I love how decorated this space. If I could help others love thier spaces, I would be so happy!

If you want to see my office let me know!