Friday, June 24, 2016

Plus Size News: Fat Girls Can Do Whatever They want! ( and water is wet)

JCPenney made a new video to promote their new plus size section. The video stared Ashley Nell Tipton  the Season 14 winner of project runway, Valerie Sagun A.K.A  Big Gal Yoga, singer song writer and Grammy winner Mary Lambert, blogger OG Gabi fresh  and feminist body image writer  Jes Baker .

The video was a master piece! It shows that plus size woman can be and do whatever they want. It shows that self love is important to live a happy life. When the video first played, I was close to tears. It was so uplifting to see these ladies happy and doing what they love.

What I loved most was that they emphasized that they were normal people, that  just so happen to be plus sized woman. They're writers, athletes, and models. This shows younger woman that they're awesome! We can do whatever we want. Being plus sized, fat or obese has nothing to do with our worth.

So lets talk about the clothing. Surprisingly enough they have really cute pieces! Of course they're expensive, (plus size and expensive always go together) but they're currently having a sale. For once a line has trendy pieces that a young crowd would be interested in wearing.

I hope you guys shop line and watch the amazing video that JCPenney made.

Xo Joachris


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