Saturday, June 11, 2016

Plus Size News: DNCE have a great marketing team.

I'm sure everyone has seen the music video for DNCE's new music video Toothbrush. It stars the beautiful plus size model (yes I said PLUS SIZE!) Ashley Graham. The thing about this master piece is that Ashley isn't used as a prop! She's clearly the love interest. 
  Joe Jonas parades her around town, takes her out dancing and doesn't hide her like she's fetish or a secret. The overall song is absolutely catchy, but the lyric  "When you're standing there in your underwear
And my t-shirt from the night before" that really hit home! On a personal level I've never worn " a boyfriends" t -shirt because I was scared I wouldn't fit.
   Now Joe just changed the game and I love it. I might be bias because The Jonas Brothers was my life when I was 13 but DNCE is doing something right and i'm loving it! 

Toothbrush wasn't the only video that had a plus size girl in it. In the Video Cake by The Ocean they had some plus size girls prancing  around in bikinis just like the straight sized girls. Running, enjoying the sun and eating cake! 

You can't praise Joe Jonas and his band for being a decent human beings,  but you can praise them for being marketing smart and being diverse. Including everyone in the media is all what plus sized people have been asking this whole time. 

It was refreshing to see a girl that looked like me being praised and uplifted. Not used as a punch line. Hopefully other artist are smart enough to cast other plus sized girls as love interest.

(That's for you Zayn Malik! call me xoxo) 



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