Monday, May 2, 2016

business casual

Since I'm a horrible blogger. I haven't updated anyone on my latest whereabouts. I started Interning a  Public Relations office! I've wanted to work in public relations for a long time and it's finally happened! I work in a show room where I meet editors, bloggers, and stylist everyday. It's such a fun environment to be in that I may have found a career option for my self. I love to merchandise and dress people, and working in public relations gave me that outlet.

    The reason I made this look was to give me an idea of what to wear tomorrow. I'm going to attend an accessories trade show with my boss to find new clients to work with. I feel like I have to dress business casual to show we mean serious business. So I styled a white simple t shirt with dress pants and blazer. Since it's an accessories trade show, I plan to pull out all my good jewelry and show how interested I am.

Hopefully tomorrow goes really well!


business casual


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