Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Parsons Project (Production Costs)

I'm taking online classes with Parsons, and for an assignment we had to take a previous accessory that we had designed and pretend that we were preparing for production costs. 
I had designed a leather bracelet with lobster claw closure,chain extender and for some reason I stuck a safety pin on top.

 To start the project, you had to list all the materials used and find the cost for them. So my list is:

  1. One yard of leather                          $9.62
  2. Pack of lobster claw closures          $2.99
  3. Pack of jump rings                          $2.99
  4. Packs of bracelet chain extenders $7.98

1 Hour worked @ $10 an hour              $10
Total Production Cost                           $33.49
20% Profit                                            $ 6.70
Total cost plus profit                           $40.19
Estimated retail price                        $39.95

Honestly, I would never buy a bracelet that was $39.95. I know some people who drop that money and keep it moving. If I were to pitch my design to a retailer like ZARA, Urban Outfitters, and Top Shop; It would be justified. If I were to pitch my design to Forver 21, I would get laughed at. 

I learned a lot about production when I worked with Monif C. I was a temporary production assistant. The Production manager taught me so much when I was there, so this assignment really reinforced what I had learned. He taught me the importance of product quality, how to take inventory of materials so that we didn't over order materials for a new production. It was an experience that I would appreciate for my future


Friday, May 27, 2016

tunic dress for this 90 degree weather

It's finally 90 degrees in New York and sundresses are being pulled from the back of closest! I'm pretty sure this is not a sundress though, it's definitely  a tunic.  I love the look of a short dress and cute pumps. It's so simple and clean looking that you can pair a dress like this with any shoes.
I put emphasis on the blue accent of the bag to add a pop of color to the neutral colored outfit. Even if you want to do a nude patent leather shoe, that would be super cute and still look put together.



Life Update!

As you may or may not know, I want to start a career in styling. Specifically plus size styling. Well it's hard to be a stylist in New York. Everybody and their mama is a stylist in New York. That wasn't that point of this blog post. I wanted to tell someone that back in Octoberish I assisted a stylist on an editorial photoshoot.
It took 9 months, but my name is going to be in a magazine for the first time! I am so excited and happy to finally see it. For some, this might not be a big deal, but for me it definitely is! When it hits the stands, I will buy a whole bunch and just hand them to people! I check the website everyday just see my name in bold letters on an actual fashion website.

Magazine website!

In March I assisted the same stylist, but for a music video.
It was such a long day and I never want to do it again. We started in hair and makeup at 7 in the morning didn't leave the artist's Air BnB till 9 am.
From there we went to the Brooklyn Bridge, then to the Flat Iron Building, then to Bryant Park and ended finally in a hotel room. We all did this on a cold day. You can only imagine the cold on the Brooklyn Bridge! It was cool to work on a music video, it was not fun being in the cold.

These two experiences are why I want to be a stylist!  

Monday, May 2, 2016

business casual

Since I'm a horrible blogger. I haven't updated anyone on my latest whereabouts. I started Interning a  Public Relations office! I've wanted to work in public relations for a long time and it's finally happened! I work in a show room where I meet editors, bloggers, and stylist everyday. It's such a fun environment to be in that I may have found a career option for my self. I love to merchandise and dress people, and working in public relations gave me that outlet.

    The reason I made this look was to give me an idea of what to wear tomorrow. I'm going to attend an accessories trade show with my boss to find new clients to work with. I feel like I have to dress business casual to show we mean serious business. So I styled a white simple t shirt with dress pants and blazer. Since it's an accessories trade show, I plan to pull out all my good jewelry and show how interested I am.

Hopefully tomorrow goes really well!


business casual