Thursday, December 10, 2015

Interning isn't all that bad

     I feel like internships have such a bad misconception. Yes it's free labor. Yes it's hard work and your broke at the end of the week, but when your exhausted at the end of night, you can soak your feet while you update your resume.      
    What I love most is that you can share with your friends all the cool stuff you saw that day.  You can share how a designer recognized your hard work, share how you saw a hot, semi naked model in full make up ask for lunch casually.  It's all an adventure that you can remember when you have a career, and a walk-in closet.
   long shoots/interning are hard to do when you have school, homework and a part time job. How else are you supposed to pay for your metro card, rent, and food? I know that's why everyone that wants to be in the fashion industry just wants to be handed a job. There's alot of hard work to do before you're even considered for a full time job. You have to make connections, go for coffee runs, pick up clothes from show rooms all while trying to hide how exhausted you really are.
       Now, on set you can in counter so many attitudes that you have to be on your toes. A nasty attitude from a make up artist, a hair dresser that thinks you're nothing but a intern, even an assistant that's higher then you bossing you around because you suggested something simple like an earring on a look. It's hard to be around people that know it all and you're new. In fashion there is always a person that thinks that they know more then you, and as an intern you just nod your head and understand that, that person might be under a lot of stress.
       I've personally learned from so many people. It's all about being open to learning and knowing that in the furture you'll have your own interns dotting around you and helping you be successful for your future. That's why I like to intern in all sorts of fields. My favorite is definitely being an intern for stylist. I think for my next job I want to look into public relations. Hey, you never know. It just might be my call after all.

Couture Fashion week 2015

On set for Monif C. Plus sizes in November 
My second time ever interning (what a long way I've come)


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