Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday shopping chic

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's holiday shopping has gone with ease, full of sales and coupons! With Christmas shopping comes the hassle of bags, jackets and over crowded stores. So why not look cute doing it?
    I've seen this outfit so many times on straight sized girls that I just added my plus size flare. I accessorized this look with rose gold jewelry to enhance the camel coat. With the turtle neck, add a long chained necklace instead of a shorter one to have an elongated neck/torso. Cute sneakers and a back pack will keep you hands free and mobile.
    If all white isn't your thing, swap it for all black and add a crazy colored jacket and it's just as cute. I actually have a baby blue jacket from old navy that I got ages ago. I love wearing is open with a chunky scarf and simple jeans. Maybe I'll make a blog post on it!

                                                 Happy Holidays!


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