Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gorgeous Sequins for New Years!

Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to wear glitter and shimmer and all things shiny! I love this time of year because everything is pretty and glittery. All the clothing stores have glitter in all shape, sizes and colors. I'm loving the look of a sequin shirt and a full tutu. Add a cute pair of pumps and you're ready for New Years.
   The sequins of this dress glimmer green, gold and in some light navy blue. I styled it with black and gold accessories so that the dress can stand out on the dance floor.  You can definitely add gold shoes and a different jacket and it would still look fabulous.
    I know Monif C plus sizes has this gorgeous romper in black sequins for people who don't like too much color. ASOS has dress that's just a skirt and a simple black top. Add flashy, glam jewelry and strapy heels and you're ready to get kissed at midnight.
    I love sequins and glitter. It's my favorite color!


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