Thursday, October 29, 2015

70's Vibes

      Riding boots and oversized sweaters are the most comfy things to throw on during fall. You look all cuddly and everyone wants to hug you. I styled those two pieces with a simple shift dress, add a belt around your waist, and you have a put together look. Of course not everyone likes dresses as mush as I do during fall, so replace the dress with a colored v-neck and skinny fit corduroy pants ( I love the dark green ones!) and you'll look just as cute.
       I really liked the stripped dress, it gave off a 70's Brady Bunch vibe which I enjoy. I know 70's throw back is very "on trend" at the moment with every other reatiler. Instead of going the tacky route with a fringe vest, bell bottoms, paisley print blouse and platform shoes just modernize it!
    Take a couple pieces of that trend.  Don't jumble up all your eggs in one basket. Use some eggs for a later date. Use that fringe vest over a form fitting dress. Use that paisley print blouse with leather skinny fit trousers and chelsea boots.
    The possibilities are endless!


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