Thursday, October 29, 2015

70's Vibes

      Riding boots and oversized sweaters are the most comfy things to throw on during fall. You look all cuddly and everyone wants to hug you. I styled those two pieces with a simple shift dress, add a belt around your waist, and you have a put together look. Of course not everyone likes dresses as mush as I do during fall, so replace the dress with a colored v-neck and skinny fit corduroy pants ( I love the dark green ones!) and you'll look just as cute.
       I really liked the stripped dress, it gave off a 70's Brady Bunch vibe which I enjoy. I know 70's throw back is very "on trend" at the moment with every other reatiler. Instead of going the tacky route with a fringe vest, bell bottoms, paisley print blouse and platform shoes just modernize it!
    Take a couple pieces of that trend.  Don't jumble up all your eggs in one basket. Use some eggs for a later date. Use that fringe vest over a form fitting dress. Use that paisley print blouse with leather skinny fit trousers and chelsea boots.
    The possibilities are endless!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Faux Fantasy Fur

   I've been looking for a faux fantasy fur jacket in my size for ages, since I can't find one for a good price as well I'll just live bi-curiously through my blog. I styled it in a way that I would wear to an amazing event. Maybe a launch of some sort, possibly a fashion week in February?
(That's a clue someone take me to Fashion week!)  I love the accents of the lace on the sleeve and collar. You can throw on the jacket and pull the sleeves down to show off the lace.
      For shoes you can definitely changed them to some Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I love the look of litas with bad ass outfits. Especially the Spiked Lita.
       For Jewelry I think sticking with shiny silver accessories to bring out the black.
  Honestly I would wear this any day of the week. That's how adventures I am sometimes.
If anyone has any requests for any looks, shoot me tweet!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pilgrim Chic

I've been really digging These old fashion tie shirts. It has such a pilgrim vibe, that I should've just added a felt wide brim hat. I know this shirt was really in last fall, but it seems to finally hit the plus size racks.
(since we're always last to enjoy the trends) This particular blouse is in a dusty pink color. I've seen them in black, white and even in a mustard color!
     Of course I included my staple leather jacket, swap it out for a blazer or a cardigan and you have an outfit ready for any occasion.  I went a little crazy with the shoes because I figured a simple outfit would look better with some crazy studded shoes. A rich dark brown lip stick or a brick burgundy lip would flatter this color scheme amazingly. It'll bring out the colors better.

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