Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Punk Princess

     Fall/winter always brings out the punk princess out of me. I love the brooding cold and warm coffee. I'm a February baby so I live for the cold.
  With this look I styled the Dr. Martens "Jadon" with a mini skirt and some leggings. I love wearing mini skirts in fall because I could wear leggings and not have a care in the world. Add a super comfy sweater and a leather jacket, you'll look like a natural bad ass.
    I was also thinking of another outfit. Swicth the leather jacket for a bomber or a varsity jacket and you have a sporty vibe.
   I recently went thrifting and I found an amazing bomber. That's what inspired this look. Maybe I'll post a look with that jacket. I was even thinking switch the Jadon boots with the taller Dr. Martens and you'll even cuter and warmer of course!

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