Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Internship ready Outfit

    This look was inspired by this adorable doughnut bag! I took the colors from the bag , and styled it with a marble skater skirt. I did a sleeveless white top, but you can defiantly wear a white v neck to make the look a little more casual.
   Summer is all about internships, working, and looking cute. Imagine working with the best designer as an assistant, and you look this cute. Switch the kitten heel with a flat, so that you can run all around the city enjoying the internship. But if The devil wears Prada taught me anything, wear your heels around your boss and switch out to flats when you're getting coffee and dry clean.

  As an alternative to the "cute" look, maybe go with a sleek pencil skirt, a higher heel and a chiffon blouse. It'll give you this tall sexy, librarian look.  For the blouse, pick a light color to make you look inviting for summer, I suggest lavender or off white.
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