Saturday, June 13, 2015

Concert Extravaganza

Yesterday I attended a Fall Out Boy concert, and I must say my outfit was cute. I decided I wanted a halter top, and I couldn't find one in my size. Googling Plus size halters tops was basically useless. All that came up was ugly bathing suits, and terribly patterned old lady tops. It's like plus size designers still don't get that we just want the same straight sized things just in a bigger size. Anyways that's old news,but that's what inspired this post.  
     Wandering into straight sized stores has been done for ages. I'm a dummy that never got with the program because of embarrassment. Some how H&M is great for cardigans and for basics that can be dressed up and they don't look all that basic. The halter top was a size large! and i'm nowhere near a large. I usually wear a size 2X. 
        If you can't find something in your size, just try on straight sized things and it might cooperate. Go for looser cottons it'll fit nicely.

Halter Top: Top
High waist Jeans: Jeans


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