Sunday, May 31, 2015

Denim Jackets

            There's something about a casual outfit, with a denim jacket that makes me happy. This look can be worn on days that you don't have work and don't have to be dressed up. Like today, I went to brunch with some friends and had my distressed denim jacket, high waist black jeans and some sneakers. I was comfortable, happy and looked put together. You don't look too fancy for brunch and you don't look too relaxed.  Maybe switch your summer time backpack for a shoulder bag or switch the sneakers with sandals and you're ready for your relaxing brunch time with friends.
              If you can't find a good over-sized denim jacket, go to your local thrift store and search in the men's department. I like wearing mine with the  sleeves rolled up so I can show off my watch of the day. Add some distressing on some parts of it, and you have your perfect denim jacket

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