Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Statement Jewelry

 Statement necklaces are now my new "thing". I just love how they look with any of my dresses. They add a certain touch to the whole outfit. When I first started identifying my own style I always went with crazy necklaces from Hot Topic. They all varied from weird sayings like "free hugs" in rainbow rhinestones, to a heart shaped cookie with it saying "Bite me" That was quite the odd place for me fashion wise. I grew out of that craziness and swapped it for more feminine and dainty jewelry. This necklace is more of a new one to my collection.  It's a light pink with different sized faux diamonds and stones.
     Statement jewelry in general help a boring outfit pop a bit. I love the look of a Little Black Dress with a chunky colorful necklace. It's stunning. Even if its styled with boyfriend jeans and a white v-neck such a pretty look.   My favorite place to get these necklaces is Forever 21. I've heard ebay has lots of inexpensive ones to, but the shipping is horrid. I don't have  patience for shipping so Forever 21 it is.


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