Sunday, June 1, 2014

Something new, Something old

I bought this dress years ago. Back when I thought I was ugly. Back when sleeveless or skinny straps scared me. I discovered this dress again when I organized my closet.  I was determined to wear it, I purposely waited till the weather was absolutely scorching so I can wear it and feel free. My shoulders are broad and my arms fat. I’ve learned that it’s not a big deal anymore. They’re my arms and my shoulders. I can’t help that they’re like this.They’re my squishy arms that are great for cuddling and my broad shoulders that bump mean people away from me. Yes I call my shoulders "linebacker" shoulders but that's how I learned to love them. I nicknamed them something scary to show the world who's boss.

I love this dress now. the navy blue compliments the teal florals. I wore a teal statement necklace, that now that I think  about is a little too loud for the dress. Maybe sticking with a smaller, simpler necklace will balance it out better. I styled the dress with gold sandals to compliment the gold in the necklace. Of course I also styled it with off grey wedges. My wedges are by Kate Preston but I can't find the same exact same ones so these Wedges will have to do. And my sandals by Marilla Of Italy but again I couldn't find a link for them but I found similar Sandals


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