Sunday, May 18, 2014

New York Aids walk 2014

Today Sunday,May 18th 2014 I participated in the Aids walk. The morning was chilli and I was the only fool in shorts and a fringe shirt. Once we started walking it warmed up and everything was fine. It was such a pretty day in central park all the pretty flowers were in full bloom and the allergies were running chaos. It sounded like a chorus of sneezes at one point. When the real walking began we all looked like zombies bunched together trying to keep moving and not bump into one another.
It was all fun and games until my feet started hurting, then I got hungry, and lets not forget when I had to use the rest room. I felt like an absolute toddler. All I needed was to start whining. Which I did on the inside, for fear that I would be judge as the  unfit one of the group. When the first check point approached it was a good feeling to know that I had just walked 1 mile, which actually felt like 5. When I was done I didn't feel tired anymore I was pumping with adrenaline and wanted to just fly away like a kite. That was all short lived until I got on the train on my way home and sat down. Big mistake. My legs felt like jelly and my feet felt like cinder blocks. It felt like that was the  longest train ride of my life. Living in New York that's a statement said often. It was all a good experience and for a very good casue.

If you live san Francisco or los Angeles they'll be an aids walk in your area pretty soon check out the site linked below for more info.
Click for more information on the upcoming aids walks.

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  1. I love that shirt fringe has been in for a couple seasons and I still cant find the perfect fringe :(
    looks nice on you though!

    1. Thank you so much!. At first I could never find a fringe shirt that was long enough. So I just grabbed a men's shirt and fringed my self. It's a great DIY for summer.


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