Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valitine's Day outfit idea's!

Whether you're having fun with your significant other or you're spending it Alone (but happy!) you should always feel beautiful. Put on your little dress and strut your stuff!

This dress would be perfect for a date. It's fun and flirty and pretty festive. With the heart cut out on the back its totally appropriate. 
I wore Black shoes to balance out the pastel pink. I suggest a pretty gold clutch to match the necklace that's attached to the dress. Your honey will fall in love all over again, <3

For my second dress I went with a black dress. This dress is more low key for going out to dinner with your friends and just having fun! 

 I didn't pair this dress with any accessories so that all the attention is on the dress. I went with a white shoe  to compliment  the polka dot pattern of the dress.With your favorite shoulder bag you're ready to hit the town with your favorite lady's and enjoy their company.

And Always remember do what makes you happy and wear what makes you happy! Happy Valentines day <3

A big Thank You to my sister for helping take the pictures.


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