Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My 19th Birthday

        So Today was my 19th Birthday! I spent the first moments as a 19 year old, absolutely exhausted! The meaning  for that was me staying up until the clock struck 12:00 Am. Yes I did the most cliche thing and stood up like kid on Christmas morning. Right after I had my mini solo celebration I went to sleep. (finally!) My mom made me Breakfast and for the rest of the day I spent it with my family, when I decided to get all dolled up. I kinda went all out for a person that wasn't going out due to snow. 

Look at that happy cheesy smile! My mom bought me a Birthday tiara at my request. (sparkly pink of course)

(Top:In black not striped Forever 21+  )
(Pleated skirt: Forever 21+ )
(Booties: UrbanOg.com )

Of course after Dinner my family sang me happy birthday and cut me my cake. 
(yellow cake with chocolate frosting yummy!) We watched my favorite movie From Paris With Love  and now I end my birthday blogging happily with my sleepy cat.

Good Night loves <3 xo 

By the way I wanted to share my fangirl moment when I found out John Travolta and I shared birthdays. I almost peed my pants <3 


  1. Happy birthday, you're beautiful and I love your style ♥

    1. thank you so much!
      and thank you for reading ^_^


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