Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To revamp your used up EOS Lip Balms

A couple of months ago I saw a You Tube video showing how to revamp your EOS Lip balms after they are used up. At the time I didn't need to to revamp my grapefruit Lip Balm, since then I've used it all up. I noticed their was a lot of product still  at the bottom of the jar (is that what it's called?)

                                  (who likes my 70's bathroom sink?) (Tip:poke with tooth pick to loosen product) 

I then put it in the microwave in 10- 20 second intervals. (be extremely careful it will be hot)

                                          (Tip: Use microwave safe plate or a plastic plate like I did)

It might take some time to get all the the product out, but hey at least you're getting your money's worth.
Once it's all melted put the melted goo in the cover of the Lip Balm to take the dome shape appearance.

I recommend putting a plastic inside the cover while it hardens. This makes it easier to put back on the main part the lip jar.

(Tip: if you don't have saran wrap, just cut a ziplock baggie in half)

  I put it in my freezer for about maybe 5 minutes (excuse my chicken in the background) . It didn't take all that long to harden.

      When it hardened  it took the contoured shape of the plastic instead of the dome shape. Fail. But still I feel like it took the shape of an exotic volcano. The shape is appropriate seeing as  the flavor is grapefruit. It'll be like your in Hawaii . Enjoy! 

                                                                                                                                                                                 Instagram  me your results! @JoachrisMarie 


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